What’s your self care like today?

I have been a little missing in action this week – my 3 kids are back at school full time after 10 weeks of isolating at home and I THOUGHT I would just slide right back into the routine I had going at the start of the year, but nope. ⁣

I’ve been tired, I’m finding it hard to get creative, and I’ve been beating myself up about it. Why am I not hustling? Why am I not in the kitchen prepping rainbow salads? Why is my hair still unloved and crazy? Why am I not working out like crazy and bouncing around in happiness? Why does my self care look like sitting on the couch and watching street food videos from Seoul on YouTube? (Which are awesome btw). ⁣

Over the last couple of days, I started to really listen to myself and decided that I was creating more resistance to whatever is going on. That talking to myself this way wasn’t inspiring, and it wasn’t going to magically give me the energy to get things done. That maybe my self care plan needed to step it down a notch. ⁣

So I look at it this way now – obviously, we’re all going through some weird times and even though I have kids back at school, it is still weird. It’s still a transition period for every one – and I shouldn’t forget myself in that mix. ⁣

I think alot of stay at home mums and work from home mums get caught up in this same sort of negative self talk too – can you relate? ⁣

Going through times of stress and transition requires your awareness and attention. What do you need right now? What needs your attention? What can wait? What does self care look like to you? ⁣

Going back to basics is totally okay. ⁣

Moving forward and getting things done is totally okay. ⁣

What is NOT okay, is forcing yourself to feel any other way that you do, right at the moment. Yes sometimes we need a push to get going and there are definately things that need to be done and can’t wait. ⁣

But for everything else on your list that you THOUGHT you should do, but don’t actually need – could you put a pin in it and just be okay with trying sometime else instead? ⁣

What does your self care look like today? ⁣