Be Loud About The Things That Are Important To You – How Do You Want To Live YOUR Life?

Be loud about the things that are important to you

Are you spending your time wisely or wastefully? Are you reflecting the true you? Let’s talk about how to figure out direction in our lives right now.

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Hello and welcome back to This Quote Changed My Life – a podcast about inspired action. My name is Tracey and I am your host.

If you’ve been listening for a while, you might know that I’m a Wellness Coach, and a mum, and a wife, and a carer, and a volunteer, and a photographer, and a designer, and a bit of a tech geek… There is literally a bunch of things that I really love doing and for the longest time I thought this was really weird. I mean, shouldn’t I just be ONE thing? Pick a lane and that’s the key to success? For the longest time I tried to just be passionate about photography, but then I’d find myself providing mindfulness advice. Or I’d be talking about anxiety and wellness, and knocking back photography jobs and regretting it. I’ve come to realise that if you miss it, then maybe that’s the sign you need to be doing it.

So that brings me to the quote today –

Be loud about the things that are important to you

Like I said, I was trying to silence parts of me that I thought would make me seem too busy, too all over the place. Those quiet things were important and I wasn’t honouring it, I was running from it. And it sucks to live like you have to hide your voice and your creativity. I wouldn’t want that for my kids, for you, for me, for anyone. So I stopped caring about being so multi passionate – I think the term is renaissance man – where you have many areas of knowledge or skill. Once I knew that others felt the same – I decided to not stay quiet about all those parts of me, and I have never felt more ME.

I want you to be loud about the things that hold space in your mind and your heart. The things that make you excited to work on, that is on your mind when you’re doing something else. This is the essence of who you are right now. This should be the loudest part of you. It should be what you focus on, if not every day, then most days.

To really refine what your passion is – I want you to get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. First column is MORE, the second column is LESS. And you guessed it, you’re going to list at least 3 things in each that you want MORE or LESS of. And next to each, write down WHY. Why is this important.

For me, it might be MORE time to write (because I have alot of information inside my head and I feel like this can help people), MORE time to take photographs weekly (because I love capturing people and places in photos and it gets me out of the house), MORE time creating art (because I feel like I can express what I feel better this way sometimes). LESS trying new things (because I already know what I like). LESS scrolling through instagram for inspiration (because I can get inspiration from what I already know and do). LESS worrying about the big picture (because it’s more about the moving parts for me right now).

LESS doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to not get the boring adult life stuff done – you will need to take care of yourself, your family, your household — I’m talking about the stuff you do in those other times, when you’re lucky to have an hour to sit down and work on something — what could you be doing more of? What could you be doing less of? Get intentional with your time, make it an appointment with yourself if you need to. If it’s only an hour every second day that you devote everything to, then that’s amazing. It’s far better to spend 60 minutes with full attention and intention, than a week of half arsed, floating around and not really getting anywhere.

Be loud about the things that are important to you – tell people what you’re doing, what you love, why this is important to you. Make these things the biggest part of you and make it what drives you. Give it purpose and you will find motivation to keep going. Know WHY this is important to you and it’s your reminder to not let it go.

Be loud, trust yourself that you are capable and deserving of quality time and energy. Your life is unique and precious – how do you want to spend it?

Let me know what you think of this week’s quote — have you been quiet or loud about the things that are important to you? Are you spending your time wisely or wastefully?

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Thank you so much for listening, I’ll check in with you guys next week .