My new (sort of) books are on Amazon!

Towards the end of 2023, I wanted to put a couple of my mindfuless & mindset workbooks (that I sell on Etsy as printables) out into the world as printed books. It was fun to figure out, and I’m so happy to share where they now live on the Amazon website!

Available worldwide, I’ve received my copies of course and they look amazing printed. Really cool to see them in person AND not to have to worry about having the worksheet printed.

Women’s Wellness Self Love Journal

Featuring 4 weeks of journaling, this workbook will assist you in developing mindfulness practices, improving your health and wellbeing, acknowledging internal difficulties, resolving them, setting personal boundaries, nourishing your soul, broadening your perspective & generally living a better quality of life and improve your quality of mind, body and soul.

Women’s Wellness Self Care Workbook for Chronic Illness Warriors

Four week’s worth of daily journaling practice. With daily journal pages, weekly reviews and monthly review – as well as goal setting, work around flare up days and self care worksheets.