My Top 4 Mindfulness & Meditation Apps

Technology has come along way over the last 10 years and what a treat it is, to have access to so many great Mindfulness & Meditations programs and apps! I have personally found using an app a big positive in my shifts around my anxiety disorder – so I wanted to share with you the top 4 that have been in my life.

Buddhify – Meditation & Mindfulness App

I have been a Buddhify user for about 5 years now (I even have a Membership!). It’s always on my iPhone and I love it so much!

I’m a big design geek so the Buddhify app is so lovely to use, very soothing – and more importantly, the meditation and mindfulness sessions are really effective for me. My favourite is the RAIN session (under Stress & Difficult Emotion 1) – I can specifically remember how much it helped me understand mindfulness when I was suffering from panic attacks but needed to learn how to get back into the world. I also love the Calm, Replace, Settling, Good and Allowing tracks – there’s just so many mindfulness tracks to come back to again and again.

Download Buddhify for iOS
Download Buddhify for Android


Headspace – Meditation and Sleep Made Simple

Headspace is another cool meditation app to try – a mix of ancient meditation practice and modern science, it’s a solid app to try if you are dipping your toe into meditation for the first time.

What I also love about headspace is that they are using clinically-validated research to bring you the best meditation services via their app.

Check out their free 5 minute Meditation here –

Headspace has a 2 week FREE trial – and then $69.99/yearly on an annual plan. Please check their website for current details.

Download Headspace from the App Store
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Insight Timer – Guided Meditations (Free and Paid)

With over 30,000 titles for meditation and mindfulness, Insight Timer is one of the best resources of free of guided tracks for you to enjoy. They have everything from Improve Your Sleep, Coping With Anxiety, Meditation Music and Meditation for Kids. 

They do have a membership called MemberPlus for US$60 a year where you can unlock premium features, but I truly think you can get a good start with mindfulness using their free library.

Download Insight Timer in the App Store
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Smiling Mind – Daily Meditations and Mindfulness

Smiling Mind launched their mindfulness program back in 2012 in Australia and I just adore the work they do. In homes, schools and workplaces, they have done so much for youth mental health in this country and I am so glad they exist!

The app includes programs for stress, sleep, relationships, sport and even mindful eating. It’s free to try, which makes it more accessible to the younger kids who might benefit from their work.

They even have an app for expectant mothers and fathers – prenatal mental health is something I would of really loved when I had my three babies.

You can try a body scan session on this page of the Smiling Mind website.

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What do you think about apps for Mindfulness and Meditation? What has been your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!