This Quote Changed My Life | A Podcast About Inspired Action

I finally did it!

I’ve been wanting to create a podcast for YEARS and always put it off. I guess nothing ever felt right to me – I wanted to create something that would create a connection between us all AND leave you with some inspiration aswell.

So while I was actually starting to record a podcast for Make Sunshine (Mindfulness, Mindset and Making Stuff Happen) – I was planning on doing a side series within that podcast based on quotes that have really helped me get through resistance and tough times. But something was calling me, I didn’t want it to be the side series – I wanted it to be the main topic of conversation for my podcast.

I really believe that we will come across at least ONE quote, one piece of advice, one saying that just clicks with us and MAKES us stop and change our lives for the better. I definately have a couple that have stuck with me for years and years, and I thought it was time to share and to spread a little inspiration at the same time.

If you would like to be on the show, I’d love it if you could share a quote that has changed YOUR life. You can leave a message here on the blog, contact me through the Facebook or Instagram @thisquotechangedmylife or even leave me a voice message via the Anchor app.

I am still a total newbie at podcasting so excuse me while I set it all up – but when you’re inspired, you take ACTION and that’s what I’m doing!