Free The Doodle – 12 page bundle
Free The Doodle – 12 page bundle

I wanted to support you guys the best ways I know how – so here is a 12 page bundle of drawing, colouring and mindfulness printables FREE for you to print off and enjoy at home. Great for kids and adults – I’ve enjoyed sitting down with my 6yo to colour, be creative and have fun together.

No sign up or payment necessary, but please share the link to my page and/or tag me on Instagram @makesunshineco to let people know where to download the file.

If you would like to support me, you can find more printables at my Etsy store.

Can’t wait to see what masterpieces and thoughts you put down on paper 🙂

REMEMBER! To conserve paper, use the backs of your printed sheets to continue your drawing fun! And please tell your kids that DOODLE also means TO DRAW lol

Size: 1.25MB