In these uncertain times..

I love what Liz Gilbert said today on her instagram

I have no way of knowing how many people are going to suffer physically from this virus, but I do know that millions of people are already suffering from it emotionally—and those people need love, not contempt. Those people are my brothers and sisters. Let me never forget my compassion for their anxiety, rather than telling them how they should or should not be feeling. And let me also show a strong measure of mercy to the people across the world who are running institutions, schools, governments, and companies right now. Those people are faced with the supremely unenviable task of trying to figure out how to respond to this crisis responsibly. There is no playbook. They will make mistakes. They will overreact; they will under react. They are human beings in an impossible dilemma. I would not wish to be the person faced with such massive, impactful decisions right now. Let me show compassion to them. Let me show compassion to all. And let me never stop asking: “How can I help?”

You can read her whole note by clicking here.

Let’s show our community compassion. Ask how you can help, not hinder. Listen, don’t judge. Be the person that adds to their community and show people that humanity still exists in this world.

Kindness always. Not for just our loved ones, but for everyone.