My first Float Therapy session!

Have you ever heard of Float Therapy? Maybe you’ve heard of Float Tanks?

Floating was something that I always wanted to try – but the idea of being enclosed, in dark coffin (basically, lol) really didn’t appeal to my need to relax. So when I heard that there was a new wellness centre opening up locally to me, I was so excited to give Float Therapy a try!

Please note, I am not sponsored in any way for these recommendations I post to my blog currently. I am not an influencer or super famous (haha) – so be assured that I paid for this service and this review is my own.

So onto what happened in my very first Float Therapy session!

Originally, I had made the booking for the day before – but #mumlife and I needed to reschedule to the following day. Thankfully, they were able to fit me in and the next day I headed over to City Cave for my float session. (This City Cave is located in a north west suburb of Sydney Australia, Bella Vista / Norwest).

They are so lovely at City Cave, once I walked through the doors, I started to physically and mentally relax. After checking in, I was guided into their waiting area which was spacious and serene itself (I could of melted into their lounge!). Tea & water was on offer too, but I opted to just quieten down and listen to the ambient music playing.

Once my float room was ready, I was taken over and given a quick rundown of the session – change into your float wear (I wore my swimmers), have a quick shower to rinse off any of life’s gifts (dirt, sweat haha), pop the complimentary ear plugs in, and step into the float pool. I opted to have continuous ambient music play (which you can hear with your eyes underwater – cool!) but you can choose silence (and I think 10 mins music at the start and end of your float).

It did take me a minute to get used to floating – I used the head rest as my cue to relax back into the water, the ear plugs definately came in handy (though I might bring my own or a swimming cap next time because the plugs would float out of my ears every minute or so). After a bit, I decided to go all out and I turned off the lights completely – it was pitch black but I was going to close my eyes and take my glasses off anyway, so it felt really comfortable to me.

I honestly did lose track of time – during my float, every now and then when I had to fix my earplugs and sit up, I’d find myself laying sideways in the pool (the short ways, not the long ways like in bed haha) so I must of been really floating around in there without even knowing! I used the time to do a body scan meditation, I concentrated on my breathing and just chilled right now.

When I heard the gentle recording telling me my time was up and to exit the pool, I didn’t realise it was already 60 minutes later! I thought it was maybe 30 minutes – and sat up for a second, before the filtering system kicked on and scared the bejesus out of me lol.

After stepping out, I took a quick cold shower to wake me up – and I did use the soap provided but as I soon realised, you need to have a warm to hot shower and soap to get rid of the salt reside, or you will walk around looking like you’ve been in a flour fight. (I went to get petrol straight after, and didn’t realise I had salt marks all around my face and on my arms – so funny).

I did have alot of questions before trying float therapy – I don’t do well in warm/hot situations but this was totally fine. The pool is heated to body temp, and you don’t feel warmer or hotter than usual. I also do suffer from vertigo from time to time, but again I was fine. I do know some people experience vertigo and nausea during/after so please take care of yourself – and stop if you need to. Also make sure you’re hydrated before and then after your float.

As I write this, it’s been a full 24 hours since my float and while my pain issues haven’t magically disappeared – I have been feeling more chilled out, relaxed and even a bit sleepy (headed to bed early last night). They’ve said you can float every day if you wanted! I might try and book in next week, and then continue with my monthly membership visits 🙂

Some facts about this particular float pool at City Cave:

  • Float is great for easing stress and pain
  • Sensory deprivation is done safely in professional float centres like this
  • The Epsom salts are rich in magnesium (which I love!)
  • Magnesium is so wonderful as a muscle relaxant
  • You can float as a couple

Do I recommend float therapy? Yes! As long as you have cleared it with your health professionals (as mentioned if you have vertigo or motion sickness issues), I think it’s a great way to give yourself complete silence and awareness of your mind and body every now and again.

We are constantly bombarded with light and noise, so giving our senses a break feels like a real treat.

I think if you are experiencing sleep issues, ongoing anxiety or stress – give float therapy a try. I truly do believe in investing in our health, before we HAVE TO fix something. Prevention, instead of cure. So I do hope you find floating beneficial.

You can find out more about City Cave’s float pools by visiting their website here:

There are many City Cave locations around Australia, please visit their website for more details.

Happy floating!

Let me know below if you’ve tried float therapy or if this is new to you and you’re going to give it a try!