Mindfulness & the Coronavirus

I’m not going to go into science of a contagious virus (here is the WHO website for that kind of info) – but there are 2 things I wanted to make clear towards your wellness.


This is the most effective way to stop spreading germs of any kind, we should be doing it anyway.

I am not a fan of the antibacterial gels – they’re good if you’re out and about and have no visible dirt or food etc on your hands, but honestly you need to find running water and soap to give your hands a proper clean. Before eating, before preparing food, after changing nappies, after using the toilet, as soon as you get home … Keep them clean.

Here is a great page by healthdirect on handwashing.

And the CDC page on hand hygiene is also helpful.

Two. Please stay mindful in your community and home.

There is no need to panic buy – no one needs 200 rolls of toilet paper, you don’t need 100 bags of pasta. It breaks my heart to hear of the most vulnerable members of our community going without, because people are panic buying supplies (for no reason really). A 2 week supply is fine, but no one is pooping SO MUCH they need 200 rolls of toilet paper.

People are also buying out sanitary items which makes me so sad for our girls and women with genuine need for these products and now have nothing. I personally cannot use menstrual cups or tampons and already use period underwear as a backup, due to a bleeding disorder. This is the same case for many menstruating ladies and it’s so frustrating that others are buying them without the current need.

So what can you do right now and when you’re in the community – think of what you’re doing. Be mindful of your purchases (do you REALLY need it today and this week?). Think of the most vulnerable around you – can you be of service to them?

A good mindful mantra to remember is this –

I will not be part of the panic. I exude calm and mindfulness and make rational decisions.

You might also say –

I am and was already safe no matter what happens to me, because I am supported and I show support to others. I cannot control what others do, but I am in control of how I react to this. I have enough.

I know it’s our first instinct to take care of ourselves and our family – but as a family that already deals with immune system issues daily, this is a community issue and we need to take care of everyone in order to get through this. Again by all means, have a small supply that might last you a couple of weeks IF you need to self quarantine – but there is no need to doomsday prep and leave nothing for others. We are better than that.

Please stay mindful, clean your hands and cough into your elbow – and look out for each other. If you have supplies to spare, consider offering to your neighbours and within your local groups if you can.

If you feel like all you’re seeing is corona-this, hoarding-that, anger, misinformation…. please take care of yourself and jump off the internet and turn off the tv for a day.