8 Natural Ways To Manage Your Anxiety – A FREE mini course!

I am so proud to release my first mini course – 8 Natural Ways To Manage Your Anxiety!

I wanted to make this my first mini course (for totally free too) because my Anxiety Disorder has been a huge part of my personal growth over the last 5 years. I’ve learnt so much about myself, through the process of understanding what anxiety is and to the management of all the stuff that comes with it, that I wanted to put it in a really simple and straightforward guide for you all.

Please note, and I say this alot in the course, that this is NOT a substitute for personalised profressional mental health care. I am totally on board with people seeing their doctor or therapist, taking meds, not taking meds, looking into natural methods.. doing whatever YOU choose to help YOURSELF. There is no shame in doing the things that make YOU healthy.

To sign up for free, please visit https://courses.makesunshine.org/8-natural-ways-to-manage-your-anxiety