You are already worthy.

It needs to be said – don’t want until you’re “better” to tell your story. Don’t put off doing something “until” it’s right and everything aligned.

No one is perfect – this I know firsthand. I struggle with the idea of being a Wellness Coach who also is suffering from weird aches and pains. But this is where my Mindset Coach mind flicks on, because this is practicing what I preach. Mental stamina, mental health, knowing where you are and what can be done with what we already have (rather than grappling with the thoughts of the things we don’t have).

You are allowed to be a spectacular crazy mess of a person AND be an inspiration to others.

You’re allowed to be a freakin’ Wellness Coach AND not feel well.

You’re allowed to put your hand up and say hey, things aren’t great today — because if you are lucky, you will have someone that is listening to you and will help you figure it out.

If you have been hiding part of you because you feel like people don’t want to see it or hear it, please think of it this way — maybe there is someone that needs to hear your story today (and in the future) and you can help them and yourself, if you started with your truth.