It’s okay to change your mind

One of the biggest things I come across, with clients and even with myself and my kids, is the problem with not starting something because we assume that that’s what we will need to do forever.

Can you relate to this? Where you don’t want to look flaky or look like you’ve given up on a new project or idea – so you don’t bother trying. It’s a problem, you guys! It’s a problem because, likely, you will end up with a lifetime of regrets.

So think about it this way – It’s okay to change your mind.

It’s okay to give something a go – even for months and months or year – and decide that you’re not going to do it anymore because you’ve moved on. It’s okay to be tired and exhausted and just need to stop something that isn’t working anymore. It’s okay to want to try other things and make room for it.

It’s okay if you totally fail at something – it’s okay to get things wrong. This is how we learn and move on. Start and stop, is better than never started.

It’s okay to change your mind.