An Attitude of Gratitude – How to increase your happiness daily

Did you know that showing gratitude actually makes you a happier person? I’m all for more happiness, so here are 2 things I’m grateful for right now –

A cup of tea

I’ve never been a coffee drinker (gasp! I know!) but I do love tea. And up until recently, I only drank herbal – so imagine my delight when I tried my first T2 French Earl Grey and loved it. I think treating yourself to something, even as small as a cup of tea, is a great thing to do for yourself! I am so grateful that I changed it up slightly that day at the supermarket 🙂

15 minutes to myself at school pickup, doing nothing but cloud watching

I’m the kind of woman that cannot relax properly, but knowing how fast I can burn out, I appreciate and am so grateful for getting myself into the habit of slowing down in the afternoon. I decided that yes, once the kids are at school I will work my butt off and multi-task the housework, my wellness work and everything in between. But come 2:30pm, when it’s time to pick up my littlest from school, I head over early, park my car under a tree and just switch off. I am so grateful for that time with just myself and nature – I think if I over scheduled myself and didn’t have that space, I would always feel like I *had* to be busy and there was no time to stop. But there is! 😉

Making notes regularly (daily if you can remember!) about what you are grateful for is a really beautiful way to remind yourself that there will always be something wonderful about your life. Even if it’s as small as a cup of tea, or as simple as a cloud in a sky – start thinking about the things in your life that you are grateful for, and start to increase your happiness daily.

Can you name 2 things you’re grateful for today?