The Make Sunshine Card Deck has been around for about a week now and I’m so happy with the response I’ve gotten! One thing I’ve been doing is card pull’s on Instagram – where I sit down on Instagram Live or Reels and talk a bit about the deck, and then shuffle my deck and pick a card.

Last night, I knew my energy was low but I still wanted to pull a card, so I recorded a video and uploaded it to my Reels instead.
Here it is –

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Hey guys! No live card pull on Instagram from me tonight but I did pull a card from my deck – which turned out to be spot on for me! It’s actually World Mental Health Awareness Month, so I will talk about my experiences with anxiety over the event few weeks but over the last few days I have noticed my anxiety creeping back in. I’m so grateful to already know what anxiety feels like for me, and I have some coping skills – but I also know that I should speak up and ask for help if I cannot manage on my own. Tonight’s card ‘Nothing is permanent’ is also a lovely mindfulness lesson – I know when we feel like we are stuck, it feels impossible that we could ever feel any other way. But slowly and surely, we evolve. Things change, on their own accord or with gentle nudging in the right direction. But they do change and mindfulness teaches us to observe, rather than react. Nothing is permanent. Good or bad. If you’re having a hard time with your anxiety right now, I hope to this brings you comfort ♥️ You are not your anxiety – it’s just something you’re experiencing and it will move along soon x #mumswithanxiety #mumlife #anxietysupport #mentalhealthawareness #sydneymum #momlife #livingwithanxiety #cardpull #cardoftheday #exhaustedmom #strugglebus #motherhoodunplugged #anxiousmind #mentalhealth

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I love that the Card Deck tends to give me a card that I actually do resonate with – I only shuffle and pull a card once (I don’t do multiple takes to get a better card). Last night was no exception.

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