The Make Sunshine Card Deck is here!

I am so happy that I can reveal and announce that my very first card deck is now available to pre-order today!

The Make Sunshine Card Deck is 52 beautiful cards to help you create your daily mindfulness practice.

I have enjoyed shuffling and pulling other card decks with my daughter – especially on tough days – and over the last year I did feel a pull (no pun intended!) to create my own deck, based on the quotes that I truly love and that have helped me. I mean, you guys know I have a podcast called This Quote Changed My Life, right? It’s meant to be LOL.

So while we’ve been socially isolating, I’ve had more space to design this deck. I wanted to make it powerful but fun for anyone to use – I want people to feel like they can be more mindful with not only the time they spend shuffling their deck, but with the card they pulled that day. What card did I pull? What does it mean to me, today? How can I apply this to my day? How does this quote help me?

The Card Deck is available now for pre-order with shipping in early November 2020 – I didn’t want to pre-print 1,000 copies and have them sit with me for X months – I want to order and print what is asked for, so we’re not creating wastage – I hope that makes sense.

Ordering is via my Etsy shop –
Card Deck only | Gift Box
You can also check out this mini page I set up for the Card Deck

Let me know what you guys think!