You might already know this about me – but I love creating. Whether it’s videos, photography, podcasts, printables, artwork – it’s my happy place! So I thought I would try and make a YouTube video with some relaxing scenes from our beautiful planet so you can chill out and give yourself a lovely break from all the noise in your life.

YouTube has actually been a place where I’ve been able to learn alot about slowing down – slow tv was something I gravitated towards naturally (slow train rides in Europe!). Over our time in isolation, I would find awesome walking tours through Japan, Korea, Italy and it was so calming to me that I wanted to see how I could bring you something with mindfulness in mind.

What I love about using video as a mindfulness tool – is that you can focus on one thing: your screen. Just for a few minutes at a time, but it’s enough to learn how to dedicate moments to your mindfulness and to your mental health.

Sit back, take a deep breath and watch each scene unfold before you. What do you see? Can you imagine what you would hear and feel, if you were there?

Here is my first 3 Minute Mindfulness slow tv video on YouTube!

I would love to know what you think of this format for mindfulness practice! I am currently making more mindfulness meditation videos with longer scenes (instead of a bunch of short ones) and am toying with the idea of other videos for you to enjoy aswell – anyone up for a mindful walk?

Are you a fan of slow tv? Do you watch much YouTube yourself? Have you ever thought of watching YouTube to strengthen your mindfulness practice?

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