After a little podcast holiday, I am back with new quotes to share with you. I really wanted to reflect what I have been going through and this song was a fantastic way to change my mood and mindset quick ..

I’m Still Standing

If you’re like me, maybe you’ve been dealing with a chronic medical condition that has really knocked your confidence around. It’s hard and it’s every day (sometimes every minute of every hour) and it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere. But know this — you are still standing!

You can be lost in the most challenging time of your life – and you can still count yourself as still standing. Because you are – you are not out, there is still room to grow past this, you are not done yet. There is more for you, you just need to be brave enough to keep going and while you keep going, KNOW that you are still standing. That whatever it is you’re going through has not brought you down.

Let me know if you’ve been experiencing chronic health issues and think that this song might be your new war cry!