The Podcast is back for 2022!

Yes! I am so excited to get back into regular podcasting this year 🙂

2021 was… well it was what it was. For everyone, I think things were a little hectic – there was a long lockdown here in Sydney from June to October and I needed to concentrate on my kids and also finishing off my course, I’m now a Creative Arts Therapist which is very very cool.

2022 though… I want to try new things and concentrate more on Make Sunshine and my podcast This Quote Changed My Life – so I’ve added VIDEO and it’s now also a vodcast on YouTube! You can still listen to my podcast wherever you love to listen to your fav pod’s but you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and catch me podcast on screen.

This first vodcast I explain why I’m making video podcasts and I hope you stick around and watch me grow!

I will embed the video here soon but here is the direct link –

I have a brand new website just for the podcast – This Quote Changed My Life: a podcast about inspired action. If you love mindfulness, mindset and a good kick up the pants (lol), make sure you’re subscribed and following me!

My YouTube channel is Make Sunshine


p.s. I don’t know why this website template has gone all wonky on me, but I’m working on fixing it asap!!