Unconditional Love & Trust … In Yourself

When I first started to get into the depths of Mindfulness, the term ‘Únconditional’ stuck with me as the perfect and concise way to remember what Mindfulness could really mean to me.


Without limit or boundary. Without judgement or shame. No terms or conditions.

When we need it the most, Mindfulness reminds us to remain Unconditional. Unconditional to our feelings and thoughts. It helps us stay present and to accept what we are experiencing.

This doesn’t mean we can’t be angry or sad or happy or confused about what we are experiencing. In fact by applying Mindfulness, we can start to identify what we are feeling, and notice how it changes us. We can stop boxing ourselves into how we ‘should’ feel and just let ourselves feel the emotion by noticing it and then letting it dissipate on it’s own.

Fear PLUS Unconditional Love & Trust

There was a time when I didn’t understand how Mindfulness could apply to my own anxiety disorder, and to the fears that came out of survival mode from the anxiety. I didn’t realise the power of my own thoughts, and how I could start to help myself while I also worked with my psychologist and my dr.

Fear is a funny thing, it’s within us all and it keeps us protected, so I never tell anyone to eliminate fear. Fear is a healthy feeling to have and without it, we we wouldn’t know when to stop. Fear is not the enemy. Not trusting yourself is though.

When you start to apply Unconditional Love and Trust in yourself, fear is no longer what you concentrate on. It’s not where you energy goes anymore. You are not ‘strong’ because you never fear anymore. You are strong because, despite fear, you trust yourself enough to live your life. You are strong because you bring your fear along with you, while you tackle your goals.

Unconditional love and trust in yourself will always conquer fear.

Staying mindful of the boundaries fear has created for you in the past, will help you push those limits further out each time you step into the ring.

Over the next week, have a think about how you can apply the meaning of ‘Únconditional’ into your self beliefs and self imposed boundaries.

Could you give yourself a little more unconditional trust and love?