Sticker fun!

I’ve been SO QUIET lately on socials, the blog, the podcast and just everything. Why? Because I have been busy using my hands and smarts to make fun things like these stickers!


One of the things that I’ve found during this time in isolation – is that I need a creative outlet and creating stickers has been so much fun! (What has not been fun is having your printer stop working and not being able to find a new printer anywhere because they are sold out!).

I think it’s easy to seek comfort from our social media accounts – but what if it was something offline you were seeking? If you took a step back, what would bring you joy?

I intentionally gave myself about 6 weeks to design stickers – I didn’t want to rush, didn’t want a deadline or to do this for anyone but myself. And the end result are stickers that I want to share with you all – because they are definately my style and my voice.

I’m hoping to pop up these sets in a 2 sizes up on my Etsy store soon – but let me know if you love stickers too! I’ve been putting them on my laptop and phone, gives it a little colour and fun 🙂

You will be able to find these stickers as GIFs in Instagram and wherever you access GIPHY! Just type in ‘makesunshine’ into the GIF search and you will find me! How cool!