Make Kindness Contagious

My family have come down with the common cold (no fever, no cough – just extreme runny noses, a slight sore throat and tiredness) so we are staying in and chilling out at home. I headed out this morning early to grab a few things to keep us fed (bread & milk & chocolate) and while I was waiting at the bakery, I smiled and said hello to an older lady waiting at the counter.

At first she was surprised, but she explained to me that no one had been making any conversation with her lately, and it made her sad.

And that made me sad – yes, we need to practice good hygiene, and keep our community safe – but we also need to be mindful of people that live on their own, that don’t have anyone to talk to (and maybe all they’re seeing is the stuff on the news). Just a simple ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ could mean the world to someone who hasn’t spoken to another person in days.

Kindness also extends to the supermarket shelves – I absolutely understand making sure your family has enough, but when you’ve got enough – think of others and whether they would benefit from having stock on the shelves to choose from also.

Make your acts of kindness go viral, make kindness contagious. Do your part in making this world a bit brighter. We will get through this, but we will get through this together (while practicing social distancing, lol).