5 Fast Facts About Me

So I thought because I am using this blog more regularly this year, I would re-introduce myself to everyone who happens to stumble upon the website. And what better way than to post 5 Facts About Me! Here we go…

ONE. I eat chocolate every single day.

I can’t get enough – but rather than restrict my love of chocolate, I have grown to understand portions and what makes me happy and satisfied. So that’s a small bit of chocolate every day (usually a Cadbury Twirl, since they are gluten free!).

TWO. I started my first blog in 1999 (first website in 1996 – Geocities!).

I’m no stranger to blogging – my personal blog has moved alot since I first started, but is currently here at sh1ft.org and is almost 20 years old!! I’ve had a photo blog (shutterbug), run photography projects (26 Things, A Day In The Life etc) and a gluten free food blog too.

THREE. Sleep is a priority for my mental health.

I found that when I was anxious, I wasn’t sleeping well. And when I wasn’t sleeping well, I was anxious. So with the help of a therapist and a good magnesium supplement, I was able to regain a good night’s sleep (at least 7 hours) and move forward with learning about my anxiety.

FOUR. I am a ‘special needs’ mum.

We have 3 awesome kids – 2 boys and a girl named Jovie. Jovie has a rare genetic disorder called Rett Syndrome.

I left my career in web development about 7 years ago because the whole diagnosis stage was very overwhelming and I was going nuts (to be honest!). I’ve been Jovie’s full time carer since.

FIVE. I met my husband online in 1998.

Continuing the things I made online in the late 90s (lol), Regan and I met in an online messageboard for Radiohead. We fell in love, he moved here to Australia from the US and we were married in 2004 back when meeting people online was WEIRD.


So that’s five fast facts about me – I’d love to know five facts about you too! Leave a comment below!