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So I started a new thing last week – my own Patreon community!

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know I’ve been wanting to set up some sort of online course, or some way to connect with you all AND give you some Mindset & Mindfulness & Wellness support. I’ve never been really happy with an online course situation because I didn’t want it to just sit there and that’s it. I needed something more interactive and alive – if that makes sense.

My Patreon allows me to share bonus podcast episodes with you, voice memos, videos – aswell as deliver a monthly Mindset & Mindfulness challenge! For November 2020, the challenge is What Do You Choose? which is my favourite mindfulness question to ask myself when I need to pull myself back into the present and make a decision based on what I really want (rather than continue on with making decisions out of fear).

If you would love to join my Patreon, I’d love to have you! There are 2 tiers – podcast updates only, and then the challenge group. No contracts, month to month is awesome 🙂

As the community grows, I will be adding more features, more downloads, more help.

Check it out over here –

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