Printable Anxiety Support Prompt Cards, Mindfulness Vagus Nerve Exercises Interoception Self Regulation Card Deck, PDF Digital Download

The last Etsy updated that I wanted to share with you today is the Printable Anxiety Support Prompt Cards I made last year.

A couple years ago, I made a Card Deck (which I still love btw, but don’t sell anymore). I really love the idea of shuffling cards and picking one to concentrate on for the day. Setting intentions is really important to me – if gives me focus and direction.

So I created these Anxiety Support Prompt Cards that you can print out at home. Cool huh?

During my own time learning about anxiety and how the nervous system works, I created my own set of prompts that calm the nervous system. Practice daily, not just when you’re anxious, so you can teach your body and brain that it’s safe and you can bring it back to a calm baseline when needed.


  • After printing and cutting up the individual cards, I recommend that you use the cards everyday – whether you’re anxious or not. This is so you can learn the exercises before you need to use them for an anxiety challenge. It can add to your anxiety if you’re trying to understand something new!
  • Shuffle the cards and pick 3. This is so you can concentrate on 3 different exercises and create a mini mindfulness session. Feel free to choose more or have your favourites on hand and on your mind.

To learn more about these printable Anxiety Support Cards, visit my Etsy store.