I am a hugeeee fan of exercising at home – and thankfully YouTube has made it SO EASY to do this while we’ve all been social distancing. There are so many amazing fitness instructors already on YouTube, so I wanted to share with you some of the videos I’ve been doing regularly at home myself.

All of these workouts are 15 minutes or under – perfect to get done every day! (My full YouTube playlist for ‘movement at home’ is here if you want to jump straight to it!)

MadFit – real time workouts. fitness. inspiration.

I’ve only found Maddie’s channel recently, but she’s awesome, fun and her workouts are effective.

My favourites are –

Yoga With Adriene – yoga & meditation

I’ve been a YWA member for the last few years – Adriene is an amazing instructor, so calming and loving. Love her yoga workouts but also her general vibe.


Action Jacquelyn – Barre Workout for Butt and Thighs – workout at home

This is another new channel for me – I fell in love with Barre at home, so I went searching on YouTube and found Jacquelyn 🙂 Here are some great floor barre workouts for you to try

Getting yourself into a regular exercise routine is so important for your health – not only physical, but mental.

I’m definately not a marathoner, I don’t love to sweat and running towards cake is the only running I’ll do on purpose – but I do make sure that I move my body through home workouts regularly. We are so lucky to have free resources like YouTube to find every kind of exercise – from barre to pilates to yoga. To dance, body weight exercises and more. It’s all there, you just gotta commit.

Let me know if you enjoy working out at home – do you have any favourite YouTube fitness workouts?