To all the mothers

Mother’s Day has come and gone for the year, and my heart was with the mum’s out there who spent it doing their ordinary things.

Cold teas (because you get distracted by the kids or the house and you come back to a cold drink), no one to help you with breakfast, lunch or dinner so you did it yourself (again). No one bought you flowers or wrote you a card. Maybe you went to still had to go to work, maybe you didn’t but it still felt like you were still on the clock.

No one told you how wonderful you are and how hard working you are, day in day out. No one gave you a break, on Mother’s Day.

And it’s not about the ‘stuff’ – I know some mums just wanted time to themselves, which is impossible most days (especially if you are isolating at home).

So I wanted to say how much I appreciate all mums, for everything they do because that’s just who they are. They get on with it, because their house needed order. They sacrifice everything, to keep things afloat. They put others first, and try to put back together what pieces they have left at the end of their day.

You deserve to be seen, if not by your own, but by the other mothers in the world who stand with you, in their own beautiful mess.

Happy Mother’s Day. Happy every day, to you – you are stronger than you realise and you deserve all the recognition for doing what you do.