You Don’t Need To Be Anyone But Yourself

Happy Monday, sunshines

I hope wherever you are, you’re doing okay.

If you’re new to my blog, podcast, Instagram or Pinterest – hello 🙂 I’m so grateful to have you here. My name is Tracey and I’m a Wellness Coach based in Sydney Australia. I love Mindfulness and Mindset work – helping women develop self confidence, build better habits and finally reach goals they’ve been putting off for a while. (Is this you?).

One of the biggest things I love to talk about specifically is self image and self worth. When I turned 30, it surprised me when I suddenly felt like I didn’t recognise who I was. And I’ve spent the next 9 years trying to figure out who I wanted to be.

There’s a whole thing about women (and I guess men), tying in their self worth with ‘what they do’ and ‘how successful you are at it’ – which I think is a total shame. And I want you to know what I’ve learnt – it’s okay to love who you are, just as you are now. You don’t need to be anything but yourself. 

Women, particularly mothers, are constantly taking care of others. Their work is never done, and they always have something on their to-do list. That includes the things they want to do for themselves – we might need to do things like get a hair cut, exercise more regularly, learn something new or try a new supplement – because we think that’s what will make us a better version of ourselves. We might think that we need to do what someone else has done, or that you’re not worthy of giving something a go because it’s not as good as theirs. We might think that no one wants to listen to us, because it’s already been said by someone else. But all of that isn’t true.

You are valuable, beautiful and important, just as you are.

Here’s the thing – every one of us has an unique story, and a unique voice. If we retold a story, we would be telling it using our own passion, our own nuances and it would not be the same as the original.

You are the difference. And you RIGHT NOW, not you ‘when I finish off another online course that will tell me who I am’, and not you ‘i haven’t found myself yet’ – because lady, you’re not lost. You never were. You just needed to listen to what you actually needed, and speak up.

Right now, there are most likely alot of things you already know. There are things you can share and there are absolutely things you can do, that will bring you closer to your goal. Sit down with yourself, figure out what skills you have already and JUST BEGIN.

You don’t need to be anyone but yourself.

Let the world see how amazing you are.