We either live with intention, or exist by default – How to live with purpose

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Hello my friends! Welcome back to another episode of This Quote Changed My Life – a podcast about inspired action. It’s so nice to have you back, and if you are new – welcome and hello to you. I love seeing that you’re all from so many places around the world – Japan, Belgium, Egypt, France, the UK and Canada – that’s one of the best things about having a podcast and also just being able to publish things online, you never know who you might reach and inspire today – so I do thank you for connecting with me on this platform. I truly do hope that you find some inspiration and positivity from my podcast – even if it’s just 1 quote from 1 episode, that’s awesome.

So now we’re really into 2020 – and you might be finding it hard to stick with your goals and your plans – so this is a perfect quote for you this week to remember.

This week’s quote is –
We either live with intention, or exist by default.

We either live with intention or exist by default — which is basically the whole jist of the podcast, lol. Living with intention, by purpose with purpose. And if we aren’t living with intention – we are simply just existing, floating along with whatever comes our way, not making any real decisions, acting on any dreams and not making any plans. Not taking any responsibility for your inaction, maybe even blaming others for where you are in life right now. The default life.

I first heard this quote through Robin Long over at The Balanced Life at the end of last year and it was exactly the reminder I needed to shift my focus and my energy into the things that mean alot to me, but I’ve let slide because of a number of things like being a busy mum of three kids. When I thought about the word INTENTION, and thought about what I had been doing and NOT doing, my responsibilities were clear. And that gave me clarity on what to do next.

One of the biggest intentional things I’ve done – is to be the person that cheers someone else on. Whether it’s a stranger or a friend, online or offline – I want to be someone that sees the light in someone else, sees their struggle and sees their growth, and tells them. I think by being intentionally supportive, we create more support out there. More positivity and more will be done.

Another quick example of living with intention is when it comes to your health. I know it’s so easy to just do the bare minimum, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to book in that massage, or doctor’s appointment, or create 20 minutes to go for a walk or do some yoga. Sometimes you need to plan ahead and prep food so you’re not grabbing food that might not be the best choice for you right now. Making these intentional choices to look after yourself is so important. Can you think about how intentional you are with your health right now? Do you think you need to step it up a little so that you’re not just existing and surviving day to day? What kind of small changes can you make today?

We either live with intention, or exist by default.

How are you living with intention at the moment? What parts of you are just getting by on default?

How do you start living more intentionally? Catch yourself in routine, be aware when you’re doing things because that’s how you’ve always done it. Can it be done another way? Does it need to be done at all? Could you be doing something else? And once you know what you need to do, just start doing it. Stop the self talk, if it’s something positive that will benefit you and others, then it’s worth trying. It’s worth trying and succeeding, or trying and failing. It’s worth finding out if this is for you.

Live with intention, or exist by default. It’s up to you.

Let me know how this quote resonates with you and whether it’s inspiring you to make changes in your life.

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I will catch you guys next week, have a great day.