Be Brave Enough To Be Yourself

This might sound like the grandma in me coming out to talk to you today (I’m not a grandma, btw lol) but it needs to be said. Especially to the younger generation who feel a bit lost in the waves of trends that come and go.

Being brave enough to say NO to things that just don’t feel like YOU.

Sure there are things we all need to try, there is alot of fun in trying new things and seeing what it’s like — but I’m talking about making decisions in how you will spend your time and energy. How you want to dress yourself, wear your hair, the hobbies you hold, the words that come out of your mouth, the way you interact in this world. Be brave enough to split away from a comfort zone or from what everyone else is doing.

This is YOUR life that you’re building – stop living someone else’s – start living yours.