It’s okay to stop expanding into places you don’t fit anymore

This is NOT an excuse to give up post! lol.

I’ve just spent the weekend, thinking I needed to learn a whole new skill, in order to level up. Ugh. Now at 7pm on a Sunday night, I’ve realised that I was pushing myself into a place were I didn’t NEED to be right now. Have you felt the same way?

The problem with this is I know that some of us have wasted hours/days/weeks/months or even years trying to copy what others are doing because we THINK that’s what we should be doing. But when it comes down to it, this is NOT who we are right now. We likely already know what we want to do, but are too afraid to claim it as our own. We haven’t given ourselves permission to just be who we are, we think too far ahead – when we really need to niche down into what feels right for us (not what feels like what others want to see from us).

When you can get to a place of TRUST, you bloom. You carry yourself differently, your energy changes and you strut down that street with the confidence of 1,000 Lizzo’s.

Stop expanding into places you don’t fit anymore.

Stop expanding into places that are not meant for you.

Your uniqueness, your own spin, your heart and your passion needs to you stand up and show up.

Let’s start showing up for ourselves.

Reposted from my Instagram because it needed to be said!