This podcast episode was really hard for me to create – but I really wanted to give Vanessa’s amazing words a space in the podcast world, and I think I’ll even feature them again because I absolutely still love them and think of them (and her) alot.

Vanessa Juresic’s Rules For Life

I never knew Vanessa before she passed away in May 2018 of triple negative breast cancer. It was only when her final words were posted online that I came to understand what an awesome person she was. She knew the value of life, and she had the articulation to put it into words that will live forever.

Life is supposed to be messy and a challenge, and hard – if it we never experienced the tough times, we would never learn how to deal with the challenge. There’s another saying – a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor – and that’s exactly what we should remember aswell, that these ups and downs we go through, we grow through. And I know that sounds incredibly cheesey but it’s true – and Vanessa is right, life IS hard but it’s also so so rewarding.

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